About Bee

Well, what do you say about yourself? Hmm. I’m an educated journalist with a passion for writing. Life has led me down a path of business, including marketing and technology. First for a large corporate company and now for my small family owned business. The companies couldn’t be more different – you’d think one would be easier than the other. Truth is, there are always challenges large and small – without them what would it all be about?

We enjoy cooking together – well I’ll rephrase {and I can say this because he says it all the time} I cook and he tries to cook. Our flavor palate rDSC_8020anges from simple to exotic but most days its about fueling the body and getting on to the next day! Having a child changed everything, including the way we eat. But we’re trying to establish the routines and stay true to our healthy nature.

We recently completed our first Whole30. Which has started us onto a path of exploring the Paleo lifestyle. At this point we are learning and trying to comply, but we aren’t perfect at it. It’s a journey, feel free to come along with us.

My husband and I live in Virginia with our beautiful daughter and son, and our family yellow lab. As relatively new parents we are constantly searching for balance between ourselves, family, work and play. Nevertheless, we immensely enjoy each other’s company; together we live, laugh and play often.

We’re active, at least I try to get to the gym in the mornings before life gets in the way. Other than that we love getting outside, whether to the dog park or off-roading on the beach or in the mountains. If not, it’s team sports like kickball or flag football.DSC_7998 - Version 2

I’m a passionate person. I give 110% to everything…why would cooking be any different? I’m open to suggestions. If you find a better way to do something, please let me know! If you’d like to see a recipe for something, I’ll provide one – or find you a great one.

Anyway, that’s a little about me. I’m looking forward to learning more about you!


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