Almond Butter vs. Almond Butter

All almond butter is not created equal. It’s important that you understand this. I spoke with a friend the other day who mentioned they did not like almond butter. (Which is so very opposite of my love of it.) So then I asked, “is it the oily, runny kind?” And of course it was.

Almond Butter | Busy B CooksI’ve discovered there are two very distinct almond butters, each good and serves different purposes in my kitchen.

Type 1: Jarred, “wet” Almond Butter

Examples: Costco Almond Butter, Trader Joe’s Almond Butter

This was my first exposure to almond butter and I liked it. Trader Joe’s butter was less oily than my second purchase at Costco (which was very wet.) TJ’s butter was wet so it worked well for dipping fruit as it stuck to my apples and bananas well – without drooling off. I pretty much enjoyed eating this on a spoon, too.

Costco’s AB was more runny but I found it was super easy to coat things like banana slices and freeze them. It was also easier to drizzle this butter over my Banana Oatmeal or spread on toast. Still it’s a bit wet, and significantly more so than traditional (non-natural) peanut butters.

Type 2: Fresh Ground, “thick” Almond Butter

Examples: Fresh Market, Whole Foods

Upon discovering this type of almond butter, all other butters paled in comparison. This butter is fresh ground from a machine at the time you buy it. It’s thick and creamy, but not “wet.” This works well in my Banana Oatmeal recipe, but it comes out in dollops instead of drizzles. I find that I eat this with a spoon accompanying my sliced apples, but not exactly on my apples. But who is keeping track?

This would not necessarily spread easily on toast, but it could be done.

What’s the verdict?

Honestly, I keep both in my house. I feel like each has it’s own properties and uses. Frankly, I think the jarred version is larger and more cost-effective (at Costco) – plus is lasts longer. The fresh is more like eating almonds but in paste form. It’s slightly more expensive but it’s well worth the additional cost.

Either way, if you’ve only tried the “wet” almond butter, don’t make your decision yet. Give the other option an equal try and see what you think!


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