Bee’s Whole30 Journey

For those of you who know me, this will make sense. For those of you who don’t, I’ll explain. I quietly research things, in the background. Once I’ve made my mind up about something, I make a decision and act. Same goes for my Whole30. I had been researching Paleo, Clean Eating, and Whole30 for months but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about any of it.

Typically, February is my worst month – body wise. It’s the coldest month here in Virginia. We don’t get outside much, tend to be lazy and over indulge. February is also the month of the year I KNOW I weigh the most, just before sloughing off my winter hibernation. This year was no different.

After returning from Vegas for a work trip, I felt out of sorts. I was eating carbs non-stop, drinking wine *cough-everynight-cough*, definitely not exercising, certainly not sleeping (because I have an 8 month old); It was time for a reset button. Enter Whole30.

I mean go big or go home. I could have started small and tried on my own. But why? I’ve got the most complex, restrictive eating plan as a tool – why not? I decided on a Sunday morning and started that morning. Needless to say, lunch that day was a bit of a panic! I spent that Sunday planning, shopping and getting ready. In retrospect, an extra day of planning may have been wise. (I will post my entire 30 days eating log with recipes, soon!)

My journey was awesome for many reasons. They say during the process you’ll experience the following: day 1 – a high like “I can do this!”, day 2 and 3 – detox and overall bleh, day 4 and 5 – anger and meanness, finally day 6 and 7 – tired. I experienced all of those, surprisingly the detox was the least severe of the phases. Followed by the tiredness because I’m always tired! (I have a baby!)

Giving up wine was a challenge. This was such a daily part of our unwind, it took some getting used to, but it certainly became easier. Eventually, after a week or so I forgot about it. Only mistake I made with the timing was my Whole30 encompassed a Girl’s Weekend Trip and my birthday – but I survived, sober!

finished-the-w30-IG-300x300I learned a lot about my body and how I respond to food. I’m looking forward to reintroduction to merely understand how certain (W30 restricted) foods affect me. I learned a lot about food, labels and what I should be looking for in my food and my family’s food. I feel a bit snobby about it, but I’m ok with that. My husband said it best, in reference to my search for complaint canned tuna: “why do they put all that extra stuff in there, it seems unnecessary…” I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve have told a lot of people about Whole30 and my journey with it. Most people ask, “are you trying to lose weight?” Not exactly. But my results were: I did end up losing weight, my clothes fit better, and I FEEL better. Others asked me “why?” Mostly, because I needed a reset button. I needed to slow down the carb grabbing, sugar habits and wine drinking. I needed some time to get back to focused. Testing my will power is a mental game for me, and I like to win.

One thing I did find interesting, on some of the Whole30 support boards people have posted graphics with the rules of Whole30. “No Grains, No Diary, No Processed Foods, No Sugar, No Alcohol, No Cheating.” The “no cheating” always struck me as “duh, that goes without saying.” It’s not called Whole-Until-You-Want-Cheese. Not being judgey, I’m simply saying, cheating never crossed my mind – again this makes better since when you know me. I’m a “rule-follower.”

I’m really proud of myself for accomplishing Whole30. Since my 30 days have come and gone, I did have a little wine the other night – in celebration. An oxymoron, I know. It was good wine, but I’m different now. As in tonight, free to drink whatever I choose, I chose kombucha. Ha!

So my victories:11016718_10206211033653185_7679332743715007660_n

  1. Loss on the scale, actually number unknown (must buy a new scale since mine went kaput)
  2. Physical appearance of body and my perception of my body, both better – the latter being more important.
  3. Clothes are comfortable, and actually loose
  4. Mental clarity
  5. Sleeping better at night, more soundly
  6. Feeling more rested in the mornings
  7. Changed my unwind habits to NOT include wine
  8. Eating more now than I was before and enjoying it!
  9. No bloating
  10. No digestive issues
The path following my Whole30 is unknown. For now, I’m staying the Whole30 course, with the exception of my celebratory wine the other night. I would like to incorporate some of the Paleo welcomed items like honey and maple syrup. I’m unsure about grains, dairy and sugar at this point. I’ve learned over 30 days to drink my coffee without sugar, so I’ll keep that going. I do intend to keep processed foods out of my diet, however.
I do know my recipes moving forward will be more Paleo and less carb-loaded, cheese-laden dishes. Sadly, but I think it’s just better for us all. And the journey continues…

2 thoughts on “Bee’s Whole30 Journey

  1. Love this, what a journey. I have done Paleo for 15 months but never the Extreme of whole 30. Sounds like as good a mental challenge as anything! Well done you!

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