Question for Recipe Readers

When you look at recipes online, do you prefer to see photos of the process or is the end result all you’re looking for?

4 thoughts on “Question for Recipe Readers

  1. I love seeing the process! I wish I had time to do that for my blog but with two young kiddos, it’s just impossible right now.

    Hope this helps!



  2. I only like seeing the process if it’s complicated. I don’t really need to see a cupcake being iced or a piece of bread being cut. (I have seen that too.) I think for the most part unless you’re doing a how-to post, then a few photos of the finished product suffice. I may be unique in this though.

    1. No that’s currently the concensus. I notice a lot of people are taking photos of each step. EACH STEP. That would increase my cooking/baking time by double/triple. ButI don’t mind adding a few extras to illustrate the point, but I don’t think I’ll get to each step!

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