Couponing and Savings Fail

I’ve recently discovered the tv show “Extreme Couponing.” May I say, whoa, then why? Why on earth would anyone need 62 yellow mustards? 6-2. Her husband says, “…maybe we should just leave a couple on the shelf.” Wife responded, “you better get that mustard in one of our seven shopping carts.” Ok, maybe it didn’t go exactly like that, but she wasn’t leaving anything behind.  

Then they go home to their converted basement now storage warehouse with shelves of neatly organized rows of crap. The last episode I watched, the purchase was over $1,200 – she paid only $140. Another lady had to check out in 18 separate transactions to maximize her savings.

I hope these couponers warn the store in advance…”Hey, I’m coming to shop for 4 hours then take up 2.5 hours of one cashier’s time. Also, I’ll probably draw a crowd, so get ready. Thanks.”

This concept is interesting to me. My story is not about couponing as much as taking advantage of in-store deals. I was planning my shopping trip yesterday, I was perusing HT (Harris Teeter) online to see the available specials. There are tons of specials right now, 10/$10, buy 1- get 1, discounted prices, and more. And the specials were on the items I already buy! Score.

Well mostly score. I’m rolling around HT collecting my items. Campbells soups are buy 10/$10 or $1 each. Instant potatoes are buy 1- get 1. Ground beef is $2 off.  Hebrew National hotdogs, buy 1 – get 1. Crescent rolls are buy 1 – get 1. Not that we eat crescent rolls a lot, but we do like them and they part of some recipes I have. Buy 1 – get 1, why not?

I’m feeling pretty good, because every time I look in my cart – I see things I know were on special. I’m adding the totaly in my head. I’m thinking $60-ish, no more than $70. As I’m watching the cashier ring me up, my excitement deflates. We soared past $60 with ease with no sign of slowing.

When all was said and done, she pushed the final button and the price dropped – a little. Not like it does on extreme couponing, not even close. $109.37. Wait what? But-but the specials? Crap.

I paid and wheeled my disappointment toward my car.

After a review of my receipt I saved $27 but I also discovered the problems. First, I can’t do math in my head. Second, never, I mean never, go to the store hungry. Third, make a list. And lastly, know which SIZE is on special.

Happy Shopping!



2 thoughts on “Couponing and Savings Fail

  1. I’m with you on extreme couponing. While I use coupons, I think most of the extremists, ha, are buying things that I don’t. I try not to buy much from the inner aisles. I don’t eat pop tarts or frozen meals. I wish they’d have produce coupons.

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