Shrimp Tacos with Corn Salsa

This week has been tremendously busy, so I hadn’t been able to think about dinner that much. Driving home (again) I came up with this recipe for shrimp tacos. Because I knew my freezer and pantry were stocked, I knew we could turn this out. So here we go. Easy, tasty shrimp tacos!


  • 12 shrimp (4 per taco, 3 total tacos)
  • Old bay seasoning
  • 1 can sweet corn, drained
  • 1 tsp Cumin
  • 1 can hot Rotel tomatoes and jalapeno
  • Shredded cheese
  • Shredded lettuce
  • 3 flour tortilla shells
  • Light sour cream

My shrimp we frozen so I defrosted them in a colander under tepid water. It really only takes a few minutes.

In a small sauce  pan combine the corn, cumin and Rotel over low-medium heat.

After the shrimp we defrosted, peel and de-tail. Sprinkle Old Bay Seasoning over the shrimp in a saute pan and cook until pink and curled – usually over medium heat. Remove from heat onto a cutting board. Rough chop the shrimp in the bite-sized pieces so they are easier to eat.

Microwave the flour tortillas for 20 seconds, then layer your tacos.

I layer in this order. Tortilla>Sour Cream>Shrimp>Corn Salsa>Cheese> Lettuce> Roll/Fold/Wrap. Enjoy!


Again, I’m not being sexist or anything. Feel free to eat how ever much or little you want. But the above photo is the “man” portion and this is my “woman” portion (plus I’m generally neater with the wrapping segment of the meal). Just for comparison sake!


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