The delights of bulk shopping

Yesterday, I mentioned Costco and my dreamboat kitchen tool but I failed to mention the delights of bulk shopping. We’re trying to save money (clearly) by planning our meals and I mean, who isn’t? (Within reason of course, I’m not patient enough to be the lady who used coupons to purchase $467 in groceries for $2.)

With list in hand, a $100 budget – I headed to the Mecca of bulk goods. These places are amazing though. I’m not sure who sets them up, as in who decides which items are placed up front – but they are good. 2 seconds into the door and I nearly bought a 52lbs bag of grass seed, a new cooler –on wheels– and a sweet 7′ Tommy Hilfiger beach umbrella – none of which on my list or do we need. 

On to my list: chicken, beef, fish, pork, lunch, bread, bottled water, milk, soap and Advil. Now the B’s hubby is pretty particular about where our meat comes from. Mostly just red meat, he’s kind of whatever about chicken but after the Food Lion incident – we try to avoid that  store. However, Costco has decent meat and usually is large packages, so if you have 7 children or a dance troop to feed – you’re in luck.

I found 4 smallish filet mignon for $16- score. Red meat, check.

Costco has these wonderful pre-portioned packages of chicken which come two-per-pack with six packs =$17. Chicken, check.

Fish, frozen (eh.) but whatever. 8 flounder fillets for$10. Seafood, check.

Pork tenderloin. These suckers come with two packages, with TWO in each package! $10= 4 tenderloin. The savings is almost criminal. The other white meat, check.

Where am I on the list? Lunch, right.

If lunch isn’t planned, I’m usually in trouble. First I get hungry about 10:30am, then uncontrollable hungry at noon and rush to the nearest fast food place (which is Wendy’s). Some lovely Cape Cod chicken salad – lunch, check.

Other than that, bread items are usually two-fers, but we’ve had problems with mold. Two loaves of bread is a lot for two people to eat in one week – so this time we’re freezing the second loaf. Milk is $1 less than anywhere else in town, except maybe Wal-Mart and I’m not mentally prepared to venture regularly. Bottled water $3.49 for 35 of Deer Park! Ok, I know the plastic is *bad* for the environment, but 1. I recycle and 2. if I’m supposed to drink all this water it’s going to need to be portable, I’m busy. Rest of the list plus a few other things, check.

I was pretty close to my budget, with one exception. {B Hubby needed razor blades which are stupid expensive but the package lasts for about a year – but that doesn’t count.}

All-in-all, we got 16 main course meals for about $55- that is a pretty good deal. I love bulk shopping.

You can expect some chicken, pork tenderloin and flounder recipes in the near future!



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