Simple “Jambalaya”

#Dinnertonight is spicy and wonderful! This can be spicy or mild depending on how you make it!

Get your ingredients:

  • Jalapeno or Habanero chicken sausages {These are available near the hot dogs and other sausages. Make sure you choose one that is chicken or turkey- the others can be high in calories/fat. Also, if you’ve got a Trader Joe’s nearby, definitely the cheapest place to find these!}
  • 1 bag of “boil in the bag” white rice
  • 1 can of HOT rotel tomatoes (or go with diced tomatoes with chilies)
  • Small onion
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • Salt/Pepper

How to make it:

Get your onions and peppers prepared by chopping them both into even chops if possible, set aside. In a medium pot, fill with enough water to boil the bag of rice.

In a large saute pan, one that will hold all the ingredients, add the onion and peppers over med-high heat with a dash or two of olive oil. They will begin to get tender and the onions slightly translucent. 

Slice your chicken sausages and add to the pan. These are already cooked but after a few minutes the sausages will begin to brown. Add the rice to the pan and the can of Rotel tomatoes. Add some salt and pepper and bring to temperature.

It will probably require a little more salt than you’re expecting but just let each person salt to taste. If you happen to have some frozen shrimp, feel free to thrown a few into the pan before you add your rice. It’s basic but it’s good!




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