Inspiration for Busy B Cooks

It’s pretty well-known that I’m organized and into planning. Making dinner is no exception for me. During the weekend, at some point, I’ll try to plan the next week of meals. Not so much “this is monday, this is tuesday” but this week we can have this, this or this.

Sometime around 3pm, my husband calls me at work and says…”so, what are we going to have for dinner?” Don’t get me wrong he’s more than willing to help with dinner, but his ideas are usually expensive and include steaks, scallops or shrimp (which never seem to be on sale when he wants them).

The list I made on Sunday hangs on the side of the fridge so my response to my husband is usually, “Well, what’s on the list?”

The story ends with him choosing something and that’s what we have for dinner that night (and for lunch the next day.) We cook about four-to-five portions of almost everything because we’ll eat the leftovers for lunch the next day – but the portions also work for families!

Getting to the inspiration…my brother actually asked for my one of my lists the other day. That got me thinking, maybe there are some other people out there who would like these lists, too. Maybe there are some other people out there who find cook books intriguing but don’t want to tackle Jicama or using a pressure cooker. I get that. I’ll try to make everything I do easy and approachable.

My recipes are from various resources which I’ll reference, if possible. Most of all, I will share the tips I’ve found along the way!


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